【VIDEO NEWS】を使って心証を変える英語の説得力を学ぶ







Japan is in the midst of revolutionary change! Video Interactive News keeps you abreast of this change and helps you grab critical global skills! This Interactive Socratic Style Program is modeled after training trainer himself received from Harvard University on Japanese Political Economy and Trade Relations. It is Socratic which means a strong emphasis on question and answer, give and take interaction with trainees You will look at the history and the current political dynamics via Video InteractiveNews (in conjunction with Video Movie and Video Music) is the Number #1 method to enhance Listening, Speaking, Comprehension, Cross Culture, Focus, Pronunciation, Quick Response, Assertive Communication, Motivational and Inspiratonal Skills!!

American Entrepreneur/CEO/Lawyer/Trainer J. Nicholas Papatones offers cutting edge content from his own individual videos in patented KK World Without Borders Training, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, NHK and others. Through Interpolation, TOEIC type exercises, Socratic Discussion, Creative Writing, and other cutting edge concepts, you are placed in the drivers seat. . This means that you will never forget the ideas, adages, concepts, reflections, visions, ideas, ideals, that you take in during this cutting edge training. No other Private Training offers this option to you. Lear!! Inspire! Be inspire!! Have Fun

This is a key to globalization. It is also your key to active participation in other company events presented by trainer’s company, KK World Without Borders, such as Tokyo’s Most Interactive Speaker’s Forum, The Friday Club Presentation, Discussion and Networking Forum. News you thought was too difficult for you to grasp will become easy. Once is not enough. Continuation is necessary to benefit from this process-and benefit you most certainly will!!

Purely Business benefits from continual participation in this training will be:

1. Succeed in discussion – learn how to understand and interface with the U.S. players in business and IPO and the connected governmental sectors!

2. Show a proactive attitude that gets you listened to, respected, hired and promoted!

3. Motivate your colleagues, bosses and staff to embrace change!

4. Network with other Japanese Corporate and Gaishikei employees and managers, including HR, marketing, IT, sales and R&D specialists!

5. Improve intercultural communication skills.

I am looking forward to seeing YOU at this training!!


TOEIC 600+ or Needs Level Check Success  KK World Without Borders

Skill up-Aspiring Professionals

Foreign Capital Company Corporate Staff 

Professional and Local  Politicians with Global Perspective

Professionals and Business Persons Engaged  in Export/Import

Professionals and Business Persons Engaged  in Pharmaceuticals

Professionals and Business Persons Engaged  in the Medical Profession

Professionals and Business Persons Engaged  in IT

International Lawyers

International Legal Division Staff

Law Students