EXECUTIVE CHAT II: The Next Training Group Program!! Building on the Success of the Kick Off Seminar of October 25th!! Executive Chat!! Tackle Cutting Edge Business Topics in a refined atmosphere-with a Select Group!! START TIME: 7:30 PM. DURATION: 1 HR. PRICE 5000 T: LIMIT: 5 PERSONS; STRINGS INTERCONTINENTAL FOOD/DRINK AT COST OF REGISTRANT!


JUST BEFORE A VERY SUCCESSFUL KICKOFF EXECUTIVE CHAT AT THE STRINGS INTERCONTINENTAL (Non Facebook Trainees untagged and anonymous) : Five participants discussed (1) whether my Facebook Video of October 22nd and website blog of October 24th tagging the Duterte/Xi deal as a failure of US Foreign Policy and a negative for the Clinton Campaign was fair (unanimous it was fair) (2) what kind of teams should set up Primary Planning (Plan A) and Back Up (Plan B) Plans (only Owada got it right immediately) (3) What time zone should World Traveling Executives set their biological clocks (again Owada got it right immediately) and (4) whether a lot, a middling, or a small amount of info is best for decision making (no one got it right before the Chat). Only Facebook Friends participating are tagged. Among the untagged: (1) a great female IT Director in a major Corporation
…….who had the right mix of competence and humor and a male entrepreneur who is brining us Kyoto’s next business/luxury hotel away!! See you all next month!! More info to follow!




On Tuesday Night, October 25th, from 730 PM to 830 PM, be in the rarest of company!! Join Each other…for KK World Without Borders Executive Chat!! Discuss cutting edge business issues with CEO J. Nicholas Papatones, Former White House Council for Small Business Appointee of President Ronald Reagan!Exchange ideas and insight by interactive discussion, sometimes almost hot, but always insightful…on the cutting edge business issues of the day! Learn the newest trends in Negotiation!! I am looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, October 25th. Discuss the possible impact of the US Presidential and Congressional Elections on Japan!! Discover why you should assign a different executive for your backup as opposed to your primary business plans! Learn why you should rest in one location within your primary time zone during business travel to multiple overseas destinations! And…many other cutting edge topics for possible Executive Chat!! Join us for this Socratic Method, Interactive Session in the rarest of company…your peers… and YOU…at the Strings Intercontinental in Shinagawa…for Executive Business Chat!!