In our 10th Anniversary Celebration, at Cafe Triod, we focused upon the Early Days of KK World Without Borders. Photos and content such as this will highlight the early successes of our company. Our First Entry in this category is DIASPORA! The Early Days: Diaspora: (Diaspora is a closely knit community that comes together often to discuss issues, both public and private). In our earliest days as a KK we succeeded in laying the foundation for our later work through-in part-A 7 Part Seminar Series in conjunction with the Embassy of Greece in Japan!! Our later focus on history in business and cross cultural training began here. Diaspora in Tokyo was accomplished here! 


The KK World Without Borders Anniversary Celebration was also a Birthday Celebration for it’s CEO. It followed a series of great Birthday Celebrations during his 20 years in Tokyo. The recent and past celebrations have been grand. But this one was ….well…. This video just about says it all!!

2016-10-16-the-odyssey-manifest-the-early-days2016-10-16-diaspora-the-early-days 2016-10-16-diaspora-in-tokyo-2