President Elect Donald J. Trump: How He Won!! What He Means!!

“How Trump Won!”! “How Trump  will “make America Great”. “How Trump  May Change Japan”. These are questions many Japanese Businesspeople are asking!!  Trump’s win shocked the American Media, the Japanese Media, and the Abe Administration as well as the vast majority of Democrats in the United States.However, this speaker predicted a Republican victory continually during 2015 in 2016 right up to the Election.  J. Nicholas Papatones served as the youngest member of the White House Conference for Small Business under President Reagan. As a college student, he also  youngest delegate to the Republican National Convention under President elect Nixon and an ABC Correspondent.  Finally he was the youngest Republican City Chairman in his community in the USA! At that time Hillary Clinton was just getting her start in politics out of college no more than five years.  So he offers a unique perspective on how this could happen. As a Negotiation Consultant and Global Business Consultant here in Tokyo with over twenty years of experience he also offers a unique perspective on the “Art of the Deal”. This is Trump’s book on Negotiation and it could be a beacon to Trump’s  upcoming Presidency. Finally here in Tokyo KK World Without Borders sponsored three political Friday Club and Sunny Summer Brunch Discussion Forums and were unique in predicting a Republican Victory in Tokyo. So this is a unique opportunity for CEO’s, Directors, upwardly mobile executives and politicians alike!! Capture the excitement on January 13th at the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce!