PRIVATE Debate Coaching 入門編 5時間





For the Japanese business person, logical thinking and analysis is an allergy. But in this global world, it is the key to debate, negotiation, presentation, marketing, sales-just to mention a few essential skills.
This is a Premiere or an Introductory Course. It is the first of Five Training Modules. Most Japanese will require only Three!! It will teach you the art of logical analysis and the fundamental key to debate. You will be able to use this skill in personal and business situations alike, by the end of this training. You will also be able to skill up to advance to the next stage of learning.• to create greater awareness of American’s Business, Political and Culture as a foundation to “capture the heart” of business prospects
• to use the most interactive method possible for English Skill Up Training in Icebreaking.
There will be lots of interactive discussion and feedback. You can take back real value + Return on Investment (ROI).

MANIFEST: (Modifiable)

1. Welcome: Socratic Roots and Dialectical Definition of Debate:
2. Cross Cultural Obstacles to Debate/Galapagos Effect: Personal Value in Relationship and Coalition Building/Case Study/ Q/A:
3. Educational Barriers to Debate/ How to Counter:
4. Mapping and Relationships to Critical Business Skills/Infrastructure ROI :
5. Trainee Brainstorm Business Issues For Debate Development/ Interactive Exercise:
6. Logic Triangle: Definitional Dialectic: LECTURE + Interactive Exercise:
7. Basic Debate Proposition (Social Topic Trainee Selection: (Impromptu)
8. Completion Social Proposition Debate #1 by Trainee:
9. Trainee Exposition/ Trainer Feedback and Critique:
10. Trainee Selection Extemporaneous Social Argument #2/Trainer Feedback and Critique:
11. The Logic Triangle: The Building Block of Debate: Business Proposition: Review of Logic Triangle: Selection of Corporate HQ:
12. The Logic Triangle: The Building Block of Debate: Policy Argument: Review of Triangle: Expansion Mapping of A/R/E Links. Q/A Policy Argument:
13. Policy Postings SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES/Case Study: Extrapolate ARGUMENT+ Trainer Critique and Feedback:
14. Utilization Supplemental Materials Trainee Development of Policy or Business Case Argument/ Interactive Presentation/ Review+Critique
15. Trainer Lecture: Affirmative Case: Review of Triangle: Expansion Mapping of A/R/E Links. Q/A Policy Argument:
16. Trainee Exercise: Mapping Policy or Business Affirmative Case Argument: Trainer Feedback and Critique:
17. Trainee Lecture: The Negative Case: Exercise + Critique:
18. Trainee Exercise: Mapping Policy or Negative Case Argument: Trainer Feedback and Critique:
19. Trainer Brief Lecture: Introduction to Comparative Advantage Proposition:
20. Review Introductory Private Debate Training/Q/A: Low Intermediate Level II Debate Training: Next Stage of Learning: