KK World Without Borders offers SOLUTIONS  to meet the needs of its CORPORATE CLIENTELE. We tailor make SOLUTIONS to meet CORPORATE SHORT TERM, MEDIUM TERM< and LONG TERM OBJECTIVES .  For some CORPORATIONS it may be  a combination of BUSINESS DESK, TOEIC UP and ACCOMPLISHMENT ACROSS CULTURES. For others it may be a combining  TOEFL with BUSINESS WRITING, and HR INTERVIEW SKILLS . For still others it may be our UNIQUE PERFORMANCE BASED AND VISUALLY AND METRICALLY EVALUATED TRAINING, TOTAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION (TBC) an original VIDEO BASED TRAINING PLATFORM THAT VIRTUALLY GUARANTEES SUCCESS IN CORPORATE MANAGEMENT ABROAD. For still other companies  it may be an MDGSP (MULTI DISCIPLINARY GLOBAL SKILLS PROGRAM combining Meetings, Negotiation, Powerful Presentation, and Debate. Or some Corporations may prefer to “keep it simple” and focus on just one of the above programs, or even simpler, by offering ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES  to control language in Sectors including:

(1) IT

(2) Medical

(3) Pharmaceutical

(4) International Travel

(5) Trade and Commerce

(6) Import and Export

(7) Executive

(8) Paralegal

(9) Diversity and HR Training

(10)  Sexual and Power Harassment Risk Prevention

(11) Leadership and Inspirational Training

(12) Entrepreneurial +  Start Up Consultation Training

(13) Readjustment for Foreign Private Returnees

(14) Cross Border Financial

(15) And many more

UPON CORPORATE REQUEST, KK World Without Borders offers its Principals’s decades of experience in EVALUATION  of CORPORATE NEEDS  and ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION DESIGN.  This process includes video interviewing of potential Trainees, evaluation of your prior experience in Training, Corporate Metrics such as time availability  and financial parameters. Finally it examines the alternatives of AD HOC  CORPORATE TRAINING,  (AHCT) Regular Corporate Training in either Small Groups, or PRIVATE. Finally KK World Without Borders offers a Program or a Selection of Alternative Programs to best meet your Corporate  goals and aspirations.

The Unique Selling Points (USP’s) for our Private Training are as follows:

(A) A choice of AD HOC CORPORATE  TRAINING (on the spot Training Modules upon request and our immediate availability

(B)  VIdeo Capture of Training For AD HOC PRIVATE and Regular Private Trainees

(C)  Measurement of Progress in our unique metric of Global Skills Acquisition known as TBC (Total Business Skills) on a charted and graphical basis

(D) Official Certification of Completion to Corporate Providers  and HR Departments

(E) Integration with KK World Without Borders Interactive Communication Events such as the Friday Club Presentation Networking and Discussion Forum, Culture and English By Movie Events, and others.

KK World Without Borders provides japanese and Foreign Capital Corporations with the tools to develop Global Total Business Communication Skills and Language Acquisition at their Employee’s and Executives pace. Finally it offers Longevity in Learning to Corporate Participants.